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Abrasive belt grinding advantages

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Abrasive belt grinding advantages

What is the abrasive belt? The product is generally made of paper as the substrate layer, the two layers are butted, and the seams of the layers are staggered from each other. The belt is large, lightweight and soft, and has become a large-area, widely used grinding and polishing of stainless steel sheets and plywood, as well as grinding of jet engines and steam turbine blades. In terms of action, the characteristics of the abrasive belt and the high surface quality of the abrasive belt grinding are mainly manifested in the small surface roughness value, good residual stress state, and no micro crack or metallographic structure change on the surface.

Abrasive belt grinding advantages_aluminium abrsive belt_polishing disc_flap wheel factory_zirconia flap disc

aluminium abrsive belt,polishing disc,flap wheel factory,zirconia flap disc

Feature 1: The abrasive belt grinding equipment is simple. Compared with the grinding wheel grinding machine, the belt grinding machine is much simpler, mainly because the belt is light in weight, the grinding force is small, the vibration during the grinding process is small, and the rigidity and strength requirements of the machine tool are far lower than the grinding wheel grinding machine.

Feature 2: Abrasive belt grinding is easy to operate and has less auxiliary time. Whether it's manual or motorized belt grinding, it's easy to operate. From the replacement of the adjustment belt to the clamping of the workpiece being processed, this can be done in a very short time.

Feature 3: Abrasive belt grinding ratio is large, machine tool power utilization is high, and cutting efficiency is high. Reduces the tool and energy costs associated with cutting material of the same weight or volume, taking less time.

Feature 4: Abrasive belt grinding is very safe, noise and dust are small, easy to control, and environmental benefits are good.

Since the belt is very light in weight, there is no danger of injury even if it breaks. Abrasive belt grinding is not as serious as sand removal. Especially in dry grinding, the grinding debris constitutes the material of the workpiece to be processed, and it is easy to recycle and control the dust. Due to the rubber contact wheel, the abrasive belt grinding does not form a rigid impact on the workpiece like the grinding wheel, so the machining noise is very small, usually <70dB.

After the production is completed, the abrasive belt can not be trimmed after being blunt, and it needs to be replaced frequently, and the consumption is large. Since the 1970s, abrasive belt grinding has continued to develop large and efficient. The cutting speed of the abrasive belt has reached 40 m / s, the grinding pressure is 100 ~ 200 MPa, and the material removal per minute can reach 500 cm 3 or more.

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