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Advantages of abrasive belt grinding

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First What is the abrasive belt?

The abrasive belt is an adhesive that bonds the abrasive to a flexible material such as paper or cloth (the flexible material contains a substrate, is a polyether polyol as a main material, and is formed into a predetermined shape by foam molding). A strip-shaped tool that can be ground and polished, which is a major form of coated abrasive.

Second Sand belt functional characteristics:

1. The surface quality of the abrasive belt grinding workpiece is mainly characterized by small surface roughness value, good residual stress state, and no micro crack or metallographic structure change on the surface;

2. Due to the light weight of the belt itself, the balance state of the grinding process structure system is easy to control, all the rotating parts wear very little, and there is no dynamic imbalance factor like the grinding wheel. The belt grinding process is flexible and adaptable.

Abrasive belt grinding is very safe, noise and dust are small, easy to control, and environmental benefits.

When grinding, the abrasive belt is not as bad as the grinding wheel. Especially in dry grinding, the grinding debris constitutes the material mainly for the workpiece to be processed, and it is easy to recycle and control the dust.

abrasive belt grinding

Due to the rubber contact wheel, the grinding of the belt does not cause a rigid impact on the workpiece, so the machining noise is very small, usually <70dB. From an environmental point of view, abrasive belt grinding is also very worth promoting.

The belt grinding process is flexible and adaptable. This is mainly manifested in: abrasive belt grinding can be easily used for the grinding of planes, inner and outer circles and complex surfaces. Designing a belt grinding head device as a functional component can be mounted on a lathe for rear grinding, or it can be mounted on a planer, and can also be designed into various special grinding machines. This feature of abrasive belt grinding makes it easy to solve difficult-to-machine parts such as ultra-long, oversized shafts and precision machining of flat parts.

abrasive belt

The base material, abrasive and binder of the belt have a wide range of choices and can be adapted to the needs of different applications. The size, length and width of the belt are also available in a variety of sizes, and are available in rolls, rings and many other forms.

For the same workpiece, abrasive belt grinding can be processed using a variety of different grinding methods and process configurations.

Excellent grinding performance and flexible process characteristics, with a wide range of applications, from everyday life to industrial production, abrasive belt grinding in almost all areas. The variety of applications and the wide range is unmatched by any other processing method. The concrete performance is: abrasive belt grinding can almost grind all engineering materials.

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Grinding wheels can not only process materials, but also non-ferrous materials such as copper and aluminum, and non-metallic soft materials such as wood, leather and plastic. In particular, the "cold" grinding effect of abrasive belt grinding makes it a unique advantage when machining heat-resistant and hard-to-grind materials.

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