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Advantages of grinding belt

2020-05-19 18:44 Time of views

After nearly thirty years of development, belt grinding has become a mature machining technology. Because of its high processing efficiency, wide application range, strong adaptability, low use cost, safe and convenient operation and so on, it is favored by users.

In foreign countries, belt grinding technology has made great progress, its processing objects and application fields are increasingly extensive, it can process almost all engineering materials, from ordinary daily life appliances to large aerospace appliances can be used, and has become an important means to obtain significant economic benefits.

Advantages of grinding belt_zirconia abrasive belt_2x42 sanding belt_sanding belt for wood_gxk51 sand belt

zirconia abrasive belt,2x42 sanding belt,sanding belt for wood,gxk51 sand belt

Belt grinding process flexibility, strong adaptability. This is demonstrated by the fact that belt grinding can be conveniently used for grinding flat, inner, outer and complex surfaces. The design of a belt grinding head device as a functional component can be installed in the lathe on the road after grinding, also can be installed in the planer for use, but also can be designed into a variety of special grinder. Using this characteristic of belt grinding can easily solve some difficult machining parts, such as super - long, super - large shaft and surface parts precision machining. There is a wide selection of base material, abrasive and binder for the belt, which can meet the needs of various applications. Sand belt size, length and width also have a variety of specifications, and a variety of forms such as roll, ring can be selected. For the same workpiece, belt grinding can be processed by different grinding methods and process structures. Specific performance in: belt grinding can grind almost all engineering materials. In addition to grinding materials, the grinding wheel can also process non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, wood, leather, plastic and other non-metallic soft materials. In particular, the "cold state" grinding effect of belt grinding makes it more advantages in processing heat-resistant and difficult-to-grind materials.

Advantages of grinding belt_zirconia abrasive belt_2x42 sanding belt_sanding belt for wood_gxk51 sand belt

The advantage of belt grinding:belt grinding can machining surface quality and precision requirements of various shapes of workpiece. Belt grinding can not only process the common plane, internal and external round surface of the workpiece, but also with a very high efficiency to process the surface quality and accuracy of the requirements of high large or shaped parts.

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