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The magical effect of sandpaper in life

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The magical effect of sandpaper in life_sandpaper_zirconia abrasive belt_alumina flap dsic_flap wheel factory

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The magical effect of sandpaper in life

1. The blade for sharpening the pencil is blunt. You can wrap a thin layer of sandpaper on the tip of the pencil and put it into the pencil sharpener for a few turns. The blade will be sharpened.

2. Use blunt scissors to cut the high-grade fine sandpaper. As the number of sandpaper increases, the blunt scissors will gradually become sharper. Generally, it can be cut more than 20 times.

3. The floor is not flat, affecting the switch of the door. The sandpaper can be glued on the floor under the door, and the door is pushed back and forth several times. After the door is polished, the switch is flexible.

4. Use homemade sandpaper to make frosted glass. Take half a basin of water, immerse several pieces of iron sand cloth in water for a few minutes, then wash the sand of the sand cloth, gently pour off the water, place the sand paste on the glass to be ground, and take another glass to be ground. On top, press it by hand for a circular grinding. After a few minutes, you can get two pieces of ground glass.

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