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cloth backing and paper backing

2020-06-28 18:29 Time of views

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There are cloth backing and paper backing mostly used in coated abrasives.

Today we will talk about the cloth backing first.

Cloth – Cloth backings come in various weights, from Stiffest to the most Flexible – (Y, X, J, F)

“Y” Weight – This extremely heavy duty cloth is used for tough applications. It is usually made of Polyester for added strength & tear resistance, which is widely used in Henan Sanders Abrasives co., Ltd.

“X” Weight – This heavy cloth, also called drills, is recommended for all ordinary machine sanding operations.

“J” Weight – This flexible, lightweight cloth, also called jeans, is used where more flexibility is needed, such as with contour sanding.

“F” Weight – This highly flexible, lightweight jeans cloth is used when extreme flexibility is desired.

All types above can be made by Sanders Abrasives, sizes and grits also can be customized according to your requirements.


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