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Calcined Aluminium Oxide Flap Wheel


Calcined Aluminium Oxide, metal chucking


Diam. 100-350mm, Thickness 20-70mm

Grit No:


grinding for automobiles, shipbuilding, heavy machinery and molds, grinding and polishing for stainless steel, metal, metallurgy, wood, marble, especially for stainless steel processing.


Powerful cutting resistance,identical finished surface. Excellent self-shaping and nice bright. Low noise and less dust

Our rich experience has earned us a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, perfect service standards and domestic high-quality production levels. We have successfully provided mature abrasive products for many domestic and foreign companies.

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    38 production lines, 25000 square meters of production plant, exported more than 100 countries.

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    All products of Sanders sticker have passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.

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    Pursue excellent product quality and dedicated service to every customer.

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