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The annual work meeting of Henan Sanders Abrasives Co.,Ltd

2019-01-18 16:42 Time of views


On the occasion of the China spring Festival,Henan Sanders Company held an annual work meeting, and Mr. Xu summarized and instructed the work of the year. Including 18 years of product production, export and company management. Effectively solve problems such as factory management, innovative ideas, responsibility awareness, organizational discipline, execution ability and execution, and improve product quality and work efficiency. Focus on quality inspection, packaging and testing of abrasive products.

For export work, we must strengthen team strength, attract talents, expand export scale, and create new results. Mr. Xu also expressed his good expectations for Henan Sanders in 2019.

Our company has introduced two new production lines for flower flap discs and hook and loop disc, which further promoted the development of abrasive products. Our company adheres to the culture of “integrity, sharing, innovation, active, team, execution”, serving domestic and foreign customers, creating more quality fiberglass backing, flaps, flap wheels, abrasive cloth, abrasive belts, etc. Abrasives. Look forward to our customers to come to consult and cooperate.

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