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Solutions for abrasive belts during grinding

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Whether it is animal glue or all-resin sand belt, it will be affected by the climate, and the animal glue product has the greatest influence, that is, the semi-resin and all-resin products because the substrate is plant fiber and has not passed through. Water resistant, it also produces physical changes under different climatic conditions. If it is stored in a place where the humidity is too high indoors for too long, it will absorb excessive moisture and cause curling. The reason for curling toward the sand surface is that the adhesive layer and the substrate absorb moisture to a different extent, and the substrate absorbs more moisture and thus expands. If the moisture is continued, and the temperature rises, mildew will occur, which will make the belt unusable. If the humidity in the place where the storage is too small, that is, the climate is dry, the moisture in the product is excessively emitted, and the basic surface is shrunk, so that the product is easily curled toward the base surface. In severe cases, the product becomes brittle and easily breaks. Therefore, coated abrasives such as abrasive cloth should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse. The best storage conditions are 50-60% indoor temperature relative humidity of 15-20C.


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In addition, the product should not be unpacked prematurely before use, open the package, it is best to use it with the open, up to two days before the use of the box is appropriate. The packaged sand box should not be subjected to heavy pressure to avoid creases and can not be used. Abrasive tapes of semi-resin and animal glue should generally not exceed one year. The all-resin abrasive belt should not exceed two years. When the above period is exceeded, the abrasive belt should be re-examined to confirm that it can be used without problems.


Before the belt is used, it should be sent to the work site 2-3 days in advance, and it should be suspended to balance the temperature and humidity in the working environment, and eliminate or reduce the damage caused by the packaging. Curl marks.


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For hollow steel pipes with a diameter greater than 100 mm, the pipe length should be greater than the width of the sand belt. The lower part is to be pressed with a hollow steel pipe with a diameter of more than 150 mm, which is placed upside down and placed on site for storage.

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