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How to choose the right nylon wheel to polish

2019-02-23 16:37 Time of views

There are many types of nylon wheels, so how to choose the right nylon wheel is mainly based on its fine size, grain size and hardness. Domestic nylon wheels are often divided into 2P-12P according to the hardness, 5P, 7P and 9P according to the abrasive grain size to distinguish the thickness, the particle size is often between P120 ~ P400. The specifics depend on the nylon wheel that you choose for your polished product.Nylon wheels are an important branch of abrasives. Nylon wheels are mainly used for sanding applications that have certain requirements on the surface but are not very demanding. Nylon wheel lines are finer, brighter and have a longer life, mainly used for deburring and fine surface treatment. The use of the tightening wheel needs to be matched with the flange installation and the equipment. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the equipment. Nylon wheel products are mainly composed of nylon fiber mesh, grinding media (mineral sand), binder resin and other main components, which may add various additives such as endothermic additives, fillers and colorants


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The nylon wheel product is finer, softer and brighter than the same grain wheel belt. Compared with the cloth wheel and the hemp wheel, the cutting force is stronger and the line pattern is clearer. Therefore, the nylon wheel is often used for the sanding treatment of the grinding wheel belt and the electroplating and mirror front processing. Therefore, the nylon wheel is also an important abrasive tool for surface treatment, and the processed line pattern has better ornamental properties and is widely used in the subsequent processing of household hardware products.

Combined with the above characteristics of nylon wheel products, nylon wheel products have a wide range of applications in the field of grinding and polishing. According to the material, it can be used for surface treatment of various metals such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, titanium alloy, cast iron and carbon steel.


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The main applications of nylon wheels are as follows: 1. Metal products such as stainless steel cutlery, tableware, thermos cups; 2, watch accessories, case straps, jewelry and other precious metal treatment; 3, golf clubs, ball head surface treatment; 4, hardware Deburring of casting surface; 5, building hardware, hinge hinges and locks; 6, hardware lighting products and accessories; 7, aluminum bicycle frame rim polishing; 8, VCD panel and mobile phone shell drawing; 9. hardware bathroom products; Brushed surface treatment; 11, aluminum heat sink deburring; 12, stainless steel tube steel surface zip; 13, metal medical equipment; 14, automotive wheel deburring; 15, titanium alloy blades.

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