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What is the name of abrasive material? What is the main use?

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What is the name of abrasive material? What is the main use?

       What is the abrasive material? Abrasive materials, also known as polishing materials, are a general term for polishing pastes, polishing sands, abrasives, abrasives, polishing, and polishing tools. Abrasive materials belong to the category of “hardware tools”. Abrasive materials in abrasive materials usually include: grinding wheel, sandpaper, abrasive cloth, wire wheel, grinding stone, oil stone, grinding head, grinding piece, cutting piece, abrasive belt, grinding block, page wheel, sheet, sponge wheel, cloth wheel , other rounds such as hemp wheel. Abrasives in abrasive materials include: abrasive paste, polishing paste, polishing wax, polishing soap, polishing oil, polishing liquid, silicon carbide, polishing sand, black corundum abrasive, brown corundum abrasive, white corundum abrasive, chrome corundum abrasive, zirconium corundum abrasive, etc. Other abrasives such as natural abrasives and artificial abrasives.

       Raw materials of our sanding belt are from VSM, Deerfos, Sunmight etc, which can guarantee the consistent polishing performance. By using German glue, American tape and the advanced machine like skiving, slitting and press machine, our sanding belt joint is very strong and service life is long, which can save processing cost and time for clients. 

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       What are the main materials used for abrasive materials? Abrasive materials used for polishing materials, can be used for polishing glass, metal, stainless steel, furniture, leather, semiconductors, plastics, gemstones, jade, stainless steel grinding and polishing.

       For example, glass polishing is carried out by using a powdery mixture of iron oxide red, tin dioxide, aluminum oxide, cerium oxide, strontium carbonate, chalk, clay, diatomaceous earth, and the like. Solid ointment for polishing metals and plastics.

Henan Sanders Abrasives Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of sandpaper deep processing. Our company products mainly include flap disc, flap wheel , flower flap disc, mounted wheel, wire flap wheel, abrasive cloth ring belt and glass fiber backing plate. After years of technological innovation and honing, Sanders abrasives has successfully developed and built a thousand-page wheel, a plate production line and a glass fiber matrix production line, realizing the large-scale production of abrasive cloth polishing abrasives.

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