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Ceramic plane polishing process steps?

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Ceramic plane polishing process steps?

The precision of ceramic mirror polishing directly affects the performance of the product. Therefore, in the process of processing, in addition to paying attention to ensure the perfect mirror surface efficiency, it is also necessary to pay attention to the control of flatness and size. It is the focus of the enterprise.Henan Sanders Abrasives Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of sanding belt cloth deep processing and professional production barasives tools for more than 18 years.our products mainly include flap disc/ sanding belt, flap wheel /fiberglass backing plate,flower flap disc, handle wheel, wire wheel, sand cloth ring belt and glass fiber backing pad etc.

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Common ceramic materials are alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, silicon nitride ceramic parts, silicon carbide ceramic parts, graphite ceramic parts, boron nitride ceramics, and the like.

The steps of polishing ceramics using a ceramic plane polishing machine are divided into three stages: rough throwing, semi-finishing and fine throwing.

1. The coarse polishing stage mainly removes the large protrusion of the polishing surface by the mechanical action of the large-grained abrasive grain to maximize the material removal rate and shorten the polishing time;

2. The semi-fine polishing stage uses the abrasive grains with smaller particle size to remove the micro-protrusions that have not been removed in the rough processing, and obtain a better surface finish;

3. In the fine polishing stage, the polishing surface is corrected to the required surface quality requirement under the combined action of the polishing liquid and the fine powder.

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