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About abrasive belt joints

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Ways to improve polishing efficiency: Belt polishing is a very economical method for deburring, trimming and surface treatment.

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High-powered motors, durable construction and suitable abrasive belts enable reasonable and safe operation even under high loads. Modern belt polishing machines are used in motor power, equipment construction, grinding discs and abrasive belts. Achieve a better combination. Due to the continuous development of technologies such as abrasive belts, the role of abrasive belt polishing in the metal processing industry has become irreplaceable. With advanced belt polishing equipment such as surface polishing, round polishing, trim polishing and grinding, radius polishing, chamfering and deburring, metalworking tasks can be satisfactorily completed.

When buying a belt, be aware that the belt joint is a weak place, because if there is a problem with the joint, it will affect the overall work efficiency.

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Therefore, our abrasive cloth factory should have sufficient thickness when using the abrasive belt joints, and do not have much difference with other parts, especially the fine-grained belt, the thickness of the joint must be high. Then, it should have better tear resistance, specifically, tensile strength and shear strength can be checked, and others have high heat resistance and medium etching resistance. Again, the thickness of the joint is as close as possible to the thickness of the belt itself, so that there is no breakage during use.

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When we change the belt joint, we must also consider the expiration date and texture problem. Any belt has a certain expiration date.

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