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What should you pay attention to when polishing materials with sandpaper?

2019-06-11 17:45 Time of views

What should you pay attention to when polishing materials with sandpaper?

In order to obtain high-quality polishing effects when performing metal polishing, it is necessary to have high-quality metal polishing materials such as oilstone, sandpaper, and abrasive paste, depending on the surface condition of the polishing tool. So, what should you pay attention to when polishing metal polishing materials? What should you pay attention to when polishing materials with sandpaper?


       The following points should be noted when polishing materials with sandpaper:

       (1) When changing the sandpaper of different models, the polishing direction should be changed by 45°~90°, so that the streak shadow left by the polishing of the former type of sandpaper can be distinguished. Before changing the different types of sandpaper, the polished surface must be carefully wiped with 100% pure cotton and a cleaning solution such as alcohol, because a small gravel left on the surface will destroy the entire polishing work. This cleaning process is equally important when polishing from sandpaper to diamond polishing. All pellets and kerosene must be completely cleaned before polishing continues.

       (b) In order to avoid scratching and burning the surface of the workpiece, special care must be taken when polishing with #1200 and #1500 sandpaper polishing materials. It is therefore necessary to load a light load and polish the surface using a two-step polishing method. When polishing with each type of sandpaper, it should be polished twice in two different directions, with each rotation between 45° and 90°.

       (3) Polishing with sandpaper requires the use of soft wood sticks or bamboo sticks. When polishing a round or spherical surface, use a cork stick to better match the curvature of the round and spherical surfaces. The harder wood strips are like cherry wood, which is more suitable for the polishing of flat surfaces. The end of the trim strip is adjusted to match the shape of the steel surface so that the acute angle of the strip (or bamboo strip) is prevented from contacting the surface of the steel and causing deep scratches.

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