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What is the difference between nylon belt and nylon wheel?

2019-06-12 15:53 Time of views

What is the difference between nylon belt and nylon wheel?

    Which is the precision of nylon wheel and nylon sand belt? What is the difference between nylon sand belt and nylon wheel? The nylon wheel is more accurate for nylon sand. Compared with the nylon sand belt, the nylon wheel has higher precision. The nylon wheel is supported by the three-dimensional network of nylon Web. The grinding workpiece has the characteristics of elastic grinding, cold cutting and anti-blocking. It is finer, softer and brighter than the line of the same grain wheel. Compared with the cloth wheel and the hemp wheel, the cutting force is stronger and the line pattern is clearer.

nylon abrasive belt

       Therefore, the nylon wheel is often used for the sanding treatment of the grinding wheel belt and the electroplating and mirror front processing. Therefore, the nylon wheel is also an important abrasive tool for surface treatment, and the processed line pattern has better ornamental properties and is widely used in the subsequent processing of household hardware products.

       In the wire drawing process, an important factor is the surface consistency of the product. There are two aspects of consistency: one is that the surface of the workpiece should be evenly drawn, and the other is that the consistency of the drawing effect between different workpieces is better, and the difference is small.

nylon abraive wheel

       For the surface drawing to be uniform, the current belt effect depends on the quality of the belt itself. For the consistency of the drawing effect between different workpieces, the ordinary belt is much worse. Because the abrasive belt itself is lossy during the wire drawing process, specifically, the abrasive material is sharp and sharp at the beginning of drawing, and the drawing line is deep, but after drawing, the polishing material starts to become dull and the drawn lines are compared. shallow. In this way, the same batch of brushed workpieces will have a significant difference between the product drawn in front and the surface of the product being drawn behind.

nylon wheel

       The nylon wheel is made of high quality mineral sand and fine fibers. The advantage of the nylon wheel is that the surface of the wire drawing can have a certain curvature, and the drawing effect is consistent before and after, and the phenomenon that the grain depth is different or the drawing pattern is disordered due to the loss of the grinding product during operation is not caused. The nylon wheel structure has an anti-clogging function. This is due to its own advantages of good adhesion and good heat dissipation. Such an advantage is advantageous for the loss of heat during drawing, and is advantageous for wire drawing processing of a large area surface.

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