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Abrasive Belt storage

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Belt storage

The storage of the belt is critical to the use of the belt and is particularly important for wide belts. Ideal storage conditions and reasonable storage methods can ensure that the belt is used in the best condition.


1.1 Temperature and humidity requirements

Ideal temperature: 18 ° C ~ 22 ° C

Ideal humidity: 40% to 65%

The abrasive belt should not be stored in a place where the temperature and humidity change greatly. If the temperature is too high, the binder will age and the service life of the belt will be reduced. The synthetic fiber substrate belt (such as polyester cloth belt) is sensitive to cold. Can not be stored in a cold warehouse.

Too high or too low humidity will cause some deformation of the belt, which will reduce the bond strength of the belt sand layer. In particular, the excessive humidity has a serious impact on the abrasive belt. In addition to the water-resistant abrasive belt, the general abrasive belt is used after being damp, and it is easy to appear discounted and wrinkled, and the belt is scrapped. In addition, when the wet abrasive belt is ground, the grinding material easily adheres to the surface of the abrasive belt, reducing the service life of the abrasive belt.

The high temperature and low humidity have a great influence on the paper-based abrasive belt, which makes the paper-based abrasive belt brittle and easy to break and scrap when used.

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1.2 Storage

The storage silo warehouse should be cool, dry and ventilated; the abrasive belt should be placed on the cargo rack and should not be placed on the ground; the cargo rack should be kept at a distance of 200~500mm from the ground and the wall, and at the same time avoid the heat dissipation. And drains; unused belts should not open the box as much as possible. Do not stack heavy objects on the belt packing box to avoid creases and cracks in the belt.

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