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Abrasive belt grinding characteristics

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Abrasive belt grinding characteristics

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(1) Abrasive belt grinding is known as the “fast cutting method”. Abrasive belt grinding efficiency is high, it has reached 10 times of milling, and ordinary grinding wheel grinding is 5~20 times.

(2) Abrasive belt grinding also has the name of “cold” grinding. Due to the frictional heat generation during processing, and the long interval of heat dissipation of the abrasive particles, the deformation and burn of the workpiece can be effectively reduced. The machining accuracy can generally reach the machining accuracy of the ordinary grinding wheel grinding machine, and some dimensional accuracy has reached ±0.005 mm, the highest It reaches ±0.0012 mm.

(3) Abrasive belt grinding is known as “elastic” grinding. Since the belt grinding is in flexible contact with the workpiece, it has better running and polishing effects, and the surface roughness of the workpiece can reach Ra0.8~0.2μm.

(4) Abrasive belt grinding equipment has simple structure, low manufacturing cost, minimal wear of the contact wheel, can keep the belt at constant speed, the transmission chain is short, and the machine tool power utilization rate can reach 85%.

(5) Less auxiliary time. After the workpiece is clamped once, the belt can be replaced multiple times to complete the whole process, without the need for balancing and dressing work like the grinding wheel.

(6) Strong adaptability, simple operation, safe and reliable.

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In foreign countries, abrasive belt grinding technology is developing in the following directions:

(1) The power of the machine tool is constantly increasing. Belt grinding machines above 200kw have appeared.

(2) Increase the speed of the belt. The development of a high-speed belt grinding machine of more than 100 m / sec is underway.

(3) Increasing the width of the belt and improving the processing efficiency, the maximum width has reached 4.9 meters.

(4) The service life of the extended belt has been extended. The initial 2 to 4 hours is increased to the current 8-12 hours.

(5) As the grinding amount of abrasive belt grinding is continuously increased, the grinding amount per unit time can reach the cutting amount per unit time of the general metal cutting machine tool, thereby pushing the belt grinding from finishing to strong grinding. At the stage of cutting, there has been a trend of grinding the car, grinding and milling, and grinding.

With the continuous promotion and use of the abrasive belt grinding process in the domestic construction machinery industry, as well as the continuous improvement and development of the abrasive belt manufacturing process, there will be more types of abrasive belt grinding machines and devices. It can be expected that the abrasive belt grinding process will surely receive due attention and further development in the construction machinery manufacturing industry.

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