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Lifetime analysis of VSM abrasive belt grinding

2019-09-07 11:18 Time of views

Alumina is used for sanding low load metal, rubber and synthetic abrasive belts. It is widely used. VSM stacked abrasive belts are visually composed of a series of coarse abrasive grains, but in fact each large abrasive grain is Consisting of a lot of fine alumina or silicon carbide abrasives, the abrasive particles are firmly adhered to the substrate by a high-strength binder, and the fine abrasives on the particles are randomly arranged so that the particles are one by one during the entire grinding process. The ground wears, the residual sand is randomly detached, and the new complete abrasive is exposed to continue work. The multi-layer abrasive grinding formed improves the service life of the abrasive belt. This multi-level continuous grinding method is much better than the traditional electrostatic sanding. Or gravity sanding, etc., the abrasive monolayer is distributed on the surface of the substrate to form a uniform arrangement of sand surface to achieve the purpose of grinding.

Lifetime analysis of VSM abrasive belt grinding_abrasive belt_aluminium oxide abrasive belt_VSM stacked abrasive belts

VSM stacked abrasive belts are made up of many small-sized micro-powders. The alumina used in ceramics accounts for a small proportion of the production cost of ceramic tiles. By manufacturing together, a large suitable abrasive particle is formed and then passed through advanced static electricity. Sand-implanting technology, a kind of high-strength abrasive belt which is made by uniformly grinding the abrasive on a specially treated substrate, so that it can be used as a fixed abrasive, and the abrasive is blunt during the grinding process. Under the action, it continually falls off, revealing new sand particles, so that it can work stably.

Lifetime analysis of VSM abrasive belt grinding_abrasive belt_aluminium oxide abrasive belt_VSM stacked abrasive belts

VSM Stacked Abrasive Belt This kind of abrasive belt not only maintains the softness of the single layer belt, but also maintains the durability of the multi-layer belt with the durability of the ordinary abrasive belt. In the new state, the composite abrasive belt looks like a coarse-grained coarse abrasive belt with the naked eye, and it can be used throughout the grinding life. However, the surface roughness of the workpieces ground by ordinary abrasive products varies greatly. This shows that the VSM accumulates the abrasive belt, which makes the grinding surface more stable and consistent.

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