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Polishing belt Features

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Polishing belt Features

What is a polishing belt? What is a precision polishing belt? A precision polishing tape is a very precise and flexible polishing material. It is made of abrasive powder uniformly coated on the surface of a flexible substrate through an adhesive. It is usually used for semiconductor materials, optical fiber plugs, Precision grinding and polishing of metal rollers.

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Precision polishing belt product features:

I. It can achieve fixed abrasive grinding and polishing, improve grinding efficiency and save grinding costs;

2.Suitable for dry and wet polishing modes;

3. Abrasive powder particles are evenly distributed on the surface of the substrate;

4. Ultrafine abrasive particles make the grinding paper have high polishing accuracy;

5. The flexibility of the substrate makes the precision polishing belt have a good curved surface polishing effect.

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