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Precision polishing belt product features

2019-11-27 17:29 Time of views

What is the abrasive belt, what is the precision polishing belt, the precision polishing belt is a very fine and flexible polishing material, made of abrasive powder uniformly coated on the surface of the flexible substrate through an adhesive. Generally used for precision grinding and polishing of semiconductor materials, fiber optic plugs, metal rollers, etc.

Precision polishing belt product features_abrasive belt_polishing belt_zirconia abrasive belt_yihong abrasive belt

abrasive belt,polishing belt,zirconia abrasive belt,yihong abrasive belt

Precision polishing belt product features:

I. It can achieve fixed abrasive grinding and polishing, improve grinding efficiency and save grinding costs;

2.Suitable for dry and wet polishing modes;

3. Abrasive powder particles are evenly distributed on the surface of the substrate;

4. Super fine abrasive particles make the grinding paper have high polishing accuracy;

5. The flexibility of the substrate makes the precision polishing belt have a good curved surface polishing effect.

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