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About abrasive belt information

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The excellent grinding performance and flexible process characteristics of the abrasive belt determine its wide range of applications. From daily life to industrial production, abrasive belt grinding covers all areas. Its various application forms and wide range are unmatched by any other processing method.

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Specifically in: 

   1) Abrasive belt grinding can grind almost all engineering materials. In addition to the materials that can be processed by grinding wheels, it can also process non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum and non-metal soft materials such as wood, leather, and plastic. In particular, the "cold" grinding effect of abrasive belt grinding makes it a unique advantage when processing heat-resistant and abrasive-resistant materials.

   2) Abrasive belt grinding can process various shapes of workpieces with high surface quality and precision requirements. Abrasive belt grinding can not only process common flat, inner and outer round surface workpieces, but also efficiently process large or special-shaped parts with high surface quality and precision requirements

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