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​Abrasive belt characteristics

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Abrasive belt characteristics

Abrasive belt characteristics_abrasive belt factory_zirconia abrasive belt_sander belt_belt grinding

(1) Abrasive belt is a kind of elastic grinding, Abrasive belt is a kind of grinding, grinding, polishing a variety of composite processing process.

(2) Abrasive Abrasive belt grains than grinding wheel grinding grains have a stronger cutting ability, so the grinding Abrasive belt efficiency is very high.

(3) The grinding speed is stable, because the contact wheel is extremely unworn, the belt can be moved to maintain a constant speed, but not like the grinding wheel grinding diameter smaller speed slower.

(4) high grinding accuracy of sand belt.Because of the improvement of sanding quality and sanding grinder production level, sanding has already entered the ranks of precision and ultra-precision machining.

(5) Sand Abrasive belt cost is low. This is mainly reflected in:

1) compared with grinding wheel grinder, belt grinder has simple structure and short drive chain.This is mainly because of the light weight of the belt, small grinding force, small vibration in the grinding process, the machine rigidity and strength requirements are far lower than the grinding wheel grinder.

2) Abrasive belt is easy to operate with less auxiliary time. Whether manual or motorized Abrasive belt, the operation is very simple. This can be done in a very short time, from replacing the adjustment sand to the clamping of the workpiece to be processed.

3) Abrasive belt ratio, high power utilization rate, high cutting efficiency. This reduces the tool and energy costs and time required to remove material of the same weight or volume.

Abrasive belt characteristics_abrasive belt factory_zirconia abrasive belt_sander belt_belt grinding

(6) Abrasive belt is safe and reliable, noise and dust is small, and easy to control, good environmental benefits. Because the belt itself is light, there is no danger of injury if it breaks. Sand Abrasive belt is not as serious as grinding wheel desamination, especially when dry grinding, the grinding debris mainly consists of the material of the processed workpiece, it is easy to recover and control the dust. Due to the use of rubber contact wheel, abrasive Abrasive belt will not produce rigid impact on the workpiece like the grinding wheel, so the processing noise is very small.

Abrasive belt process flexibility, strong adaptability.This is reflected in:

1) Abrasive belt can be very convenient for grinding plane, inner, outer circle and complex surface.Design a Abrasive belt head device as a functional part can be installed in the lathe after grinding, can also be installed in the planer for use, and can also be designed into a variety of special grinding machines. This characteristic of Abrasive belt can be used to easily solve some difficult parts, such as super long, super large shaft and flat parts precision machining.

2) there is a wide selection of sand belt base materials, abrasives and binders, which can meet the needs of various applications. Sand belt size, length and width of a variety of specifications, and roll, ring and other forms available. For the same kind of workpiece, Abrasive belt can be processed by different grinding methods and technological structures.

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