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The joint form of the sanding belt

2020-01-09 15:25 Time of views

The joint form of the sanding belt_joint belt_sander belt_abrasive belt manufacturer_sanding belt

In the process of using high quality abrasive belt, the joint treatment is very important. In many cases, the fracture of belt occurs at the joint, which is worth paying attention to in the use of belt. What kinds of joints are currently used?

The sanding belt can be divided into two types: joint belt and no joint belt. There are two kinds of joints: lap joints and butt joints, from the past lap joints to butt joints; The embedding method is another form of the butt method, which is suitable for the sand belt with very thick matrix material. The spiral joint belt consists of two parts: the substrate and the emery cloth.

In addition, there are multi - joint high quality sanding belt, this refers to a belt of sand appears two or more than two joints said multi - joint belt; The single joint belt is when the width of the belt does not exceed the width of the large volume of sand cloth.

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