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Coated abrasives

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Abrasives tools that can be ground and polished by binding abrasives to flexible materials such as cloth and paper. It and grinding wheel, sand tile, whetstone, grinding head, grinding paste together, constitute six kinds of grinding tools.

Coated abrasives are composed of three parts: matrix, abrasive and binder, also known as the three elements. The structure of coated abrasives can be clearly seen from the profile of coated abrasives.

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Backing is the carrier of abrasives and binders, and it is the leading factor for the flexibility of coating mill.

The coated abrasives basically has: cloth, paper, fiber and compound matrix, nonwovens wait for kind, the matrix is before making abrasives, must pass special treatment, must pass special treatment, the property of the matrix is concerned with its own kind, and still concern with the method that is treated.

Matrix treatment is to improve and improve the physical and mechanical properties of the matrix through the matrix treatment agent, which can meet the needs of the process of applying glue, planting sand and grinding.

General matrix treatment can be divided into two categories: non-water-resistant treatment and water-resistant treatment. According to different grinding conditions, the matrix can also be soft treatment, high permeability resistance treatment, oil resistance treatment and electrostatic treatment.


Abrasive is the part of grinding, commonly used corundum, silicon carbide, natural emery, etc. The particle size and composition of abrasives meet the national standard for abrasives for coated abrasives.

Planting density of sand

The density of plant sand is also an important factor for the quality and performance of the coated abrasive.


The adheasive binds the abrasive to the substrate firmly. It can be a base adhesive, a compound adhesive and a substrate treating agent.

As a grinding and polishing tool, its performance is mainly determined by the following factors: matrix, matrix treatment, abrasive, particle size, sand planting, density, binder, bond strength, super coating and shape size.

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