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Polish for furniture surface

2020-02-12 19:16 Time of views

With the rapid development of modern technology, machines have gradually replaced many traditional woodwork, but the process of polishing is still mainly manual. Before sandpaper appeared, it was common to use tools such as pavers, pavers, agates and cattle horns to polish furniture. Modern grinding technology adds a lot of grinding tools, such as mill, belt sanding machine, so that the grinding technology is more reasonable. Grinding is mainly divided into rough grinding, flower grinding and fine grinding.

Polish for furniture surface_sanding belt_aluminium oxide flap disc_zirconia cruminia grinding disc_polishing wheel factory

Polish for furniture surface_sanding belt_aluminium oxide flap disc_zirconia cruminia grinding disc_polishing wheel factory

Flower mill is the processing of mahogany furniture details, rough mill is the outline of mahogany furniture surface, fine mill is the excavation of mahogany furniture charm.

1. The grinding

Sculpture plays an important role in the cultural inheritance and meaning expression of mahogany furniture. The polishing of the carving part is separated from each other, which is called flower grinding. Flower grinding process requirements are very meticulous, flower surface, flower root, flower base, flower hole all to polish in place, to vividly show the carving style and artistic standards. Do scrape the ground level off, distinct levels, smooth lines of flowers and plants, realistic character expression, to achieve no burr, no knife mark, no sandpaper mark. Especially in the place of decorative pattern joint, must accomplish level off smooth and clean.

2. Coarse grinding

Rough grinding is the rough grinding of furniture. General rough grinding, the accuracy of the furniture and surface roughness requirements are not high, its main purpose is in the shortest time to grind the margin, in order to improve production efficiency, so rough grinding process, generally choose a reasonable, large number of sandpaper. Rough grinding work is not as delicate as flower grinding, but the process is more complicated than flower grinding. Rough grinding can not only smooth the imprint of the grinding wheel left by the woodworking installation, but also smooth the cracks on the wood surface affected by dry shrinkage and wet-swelling, ensuring the smooth surface of the mahogany furniture. The furniture after rough grind should outline is symmetrical, edges and corners are even, whole is harmonious, surface grain is clear, wood grain goes toward photograph, joint of mortise and tenon is smooth, without burr.

3. Fine grinding

Fine grinding is to carry on fine processing grinding to furniture, the purpose is to make furniture surface achieves the coarse degree that asks. In the process of fine grinding, reasonably choose the larger number of sandpaper in turn, for fine grinding. It is understood that most annatto manufacturers in the fine grinding process, at least to use 5 different Numbers of sandpaper grinding, with the selection of sandpaper number increase, the surface after grinding more smooth. The furniture after fine grind feels the feel that wants lukewarm run to be like jade.

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