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Sanding belt factory

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Our sanding belt not only polishing workpieces but also polishing iron cookware. In the early, our factory started with the production of fiberglass backing plates and provided polishing materials for the Jia county cookware market.

Jia county is the production base of Iron cookware of China. They OEM for ASD, MIDEA and SUPOR. In order to improve the polishing efficiency and performance, Yihong company always try to find better material for our clients. abrasive belt any sizes available. If you are interested in, welcome contact us.

We not only provide polishing materials, like flap wheels, sanding belts, but also polishing machine. 

Kindly contact me if you are interested in our products. 

Email: info@yihongabrasives.com. 

Web: https://www.yhabrasives.com


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