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How to deal with the problem of abrasive belt fracture?

2020-03-25 17:38 Time of views

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The abrasive belt will break during use, so what causes the belt to break? How to deal with the problem of abrasive belt fracture? Mrostorage here list the common fracture phenomena and operating methods for your reference!

1. Incorrect Making - Lack of Binder

Solution: Take care in production and take measures to correct!

2. Types do not match the application

Solution: Communicate with the application engineer and choose the right type.

3. Too much work pressure for the granularity used

Solution: Reduce the pressure.

4. The contact roller is too hard for the grain size and application

Solution: It is recommended to use a contact roller that matches the grain size.

5. The uneven application of the two sides of the belt

Solution: Reasonable use of the maximum width of the sander belt.

6. Tapered roller, roller or slide is not parallel to the base

Solution: Grind the roller to remove the taper and reinstall it.

7. Relative to the processing load, the belt tension is not enough (too large)

Solution: adjust the tension, the smaller the tension is, the better the work load is.

8. Substrate is too brittle, flexing performance is not suitable for production and application

Solution: Flexibility is affected by its standards and usage requirements.

9. The outer particles enter between the abrasive belt and the roller or plate

Solution: Remove debris, high-performance dust is the best preventive measure.

10. Rubber peeling on contact roller or belt drive roller

Solution: Repackage the rubber, rebalance and trim.

11. The blank impacts the belt, or part of the blank is too thick

Solution: Install guards for overlapping plates and oversized parts.

12. Abrasive belt vibrate excessively

Solution: selection of low hardness of the contact wheel, and check the machine vibration mass or belt quality.

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