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Henan Sanders Abrasives Co.,Ltd

Henan Sanders Abrasives Co.,Ltd was founded in November 2016, is a professional manufacturer of emery cloth processing. Our company main products are: Radial Flap Disc,Flap Disc,Flap wheel,Flap Wheel with Shank,Abrasive Belt and Kinds of Fiberglass Backing Plate.With decades of technological innovation and honed, the company successfully developed and built Flap Wheel,Flap Disc production line and Fiberglass Backing Plate production line, successfully realized the large-scale production of abrasive polishing tools.

Our company sales network has been initially established throughout the countries and has been successfully exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions. On the basis of guaranteeing the quality, with good reputation and good service, the company has won the extensive recognition of the colleagues in the industry.

Henan Sanders Abrasives Co.,Ltd has always been the core value of "for customers, for employees and for society". For you to provide professional, efficient and quality service, and establish a stable and win-win cooperation relationship with customers. For employees to create a relaxed working environment, good learning environment, reasonable remuneration, good development space. To provide more and better employment opportunities for the society, to contribute more taxes to the state, and to promote the development of a conservation minded society, a civilized society and a harmonious society.

In the future, Henan Sanders Abrasives Co.,Ltd will continue to adhere to the concept of sustainable development and continuous innovation, conscientiously and pragmatically, better satisfy customers' needs for deep processing technology and product quality, serve faithfully, and speed up cooperation in depth, so as to work hand in hand with customers.


+86-371-55632397 / 55632398 EXT.801-809






No. 1011,Block B,Shenglongcheng,Xinghua St,Hanghai Rd,450052, Erqi District,Zhengzhou,China




No. 1011,Block B,Shenglongcheng,Xinghua St,Hanghai Rd,450052, Erqi District,Zhengzhou,China

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