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About Resin Abrasive

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1. High bonding strength

The resin binder has a higher bonding strength than the ceramic binder, and the manufactured abrasive has higher mechanical strength than the ceramic abrasive. It can be used at higher speeds, can withstand large grinding pressures, and is safe to operate. It is widely used in the rough grinding process of steel, automotive bearings, chemical machinery, construction and other industries.

2. Have a certain elasticity

Resin is a polymer compound with certain toughness and elastic deformation, which can buffer the grinding pressure, so the grinding effect is good, and it has a good polishing effect, which can improve the surface processing quality of the workpiece.

3. Wide range of applications

With the emergence of new types of resins, resin grinding tools of various strengths and properties can be made, which can be used for grinding, rough grinding, cutting, semi-finishing, fine grinding, polishing and the like.

4. Abrasives that can be made into a variety of special shapes

The resin binder has a low curing temperature and a small shrinkage, and can be made into various complicated shapes and special requirements. Such as a round grinding wheel, plus a high-speed cutting piece of mesh cloth.

5. Low heat resistance, not easy to burn

The resin binder has low heat resistance and is easily charred by heat during the grinding process, which promotes the blunt abrasion of the abrasive grains, reveals new sharp abrasive grains, reduces the heat of the grinding area, and avoids burns of the workpiece; therefore, Suitable for surface grinding, etc., but the wear is greater than ceramic abrasives.

6. Short production cycle

The resin grinding machine has a short production cycle, simple equipment investment, fast capital turnover and high production efficiency, which is beneficial to professional production.

7. Poor chemical stability

Generally, the resin abrasive has poor alkali resistance and water resistance and cannot be stored for a long time. In the case of alkaline substances, the resin structure degrades, affecting the strength and hardness of the abrasive.

In addition, resin abrasives are expensive

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