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Brief analyze the types of sandpaper

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Brief analyze the types of sandpaper

Sandpaper can be divided into sandpaper and belt according to its shape.According to the different abrasives, sandpaper can be divided into water sandpaper, dry sandpaper and sponge sandpaper.

Water sandpaper, also known as abrasive paper, waterproof sandpaper, for stone grinding, hardware processing, abrasive processing, automotive grinding and other industries.

Brief analyze the types of sandpaper_abrasive cloth_sanding belt_zirconia flap disc_aluminium oxide flap wheel

abrasive cloth,sanding belt,zirconia flap disc,aluminium oxide flap wheel

Dry sandpaper, also known as abrasive paper, is suitable for grinding metal surfaces, wood surfaces, putty and paint.Dry sandpaper usually uses special kraft paper or latex paper.

Sponge sandpaper also known as sponge sand block, widely used in wood processing, metal and stainless steel processing, mechanical manufacturing and other surface grinding and polishing.

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