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Daily questions on epidemic prevention and control

2020-02-17 23:18 Time of views

Daily questions on epidemic prevention and control

Daily questions on epidemic prevention and control_aluminium oxide abrasive belt_zirconia sanding disc_flap wheel factory_polishing wheel

1. Do shoes bring home viruses? How should sole undertake disinfection?

The new coronavirus is mainly transmitted by close respiratory droplets or by contact, which fall to the ground and cause very little, if any, infection in shoes. So, need not undertake disinfection to sole in daily life, keep clean can. It is recommended to change shoes at the door when you get home.

2. At present, the temperature is still relatively low. Which part of the body temperature is the most accurate measured by the hand-held infrared temperature detector?

Temperature screening is a means of screening and screening out suspicious cases in this outbreak. Hand-held infrared thermometers should be operated in strict accordance with the instructions to ensure the accuracy of the readings. When measured at different sites, the results vary slightly, which is normal. Winter temperature is relatively low at present, hand-held infrared temperature monitor to be calibrated before use, especially in the measurement from enter indoor, outdoor or in the outdoor use measuring instrument, suggested measure clothes or scarf covers skin areas, such as wrist or neck, it can make the number more accurate.

3. Will the detector cause cross-infection when multiple users use it?

According to the principle of the infrared temperature monitor, the body temperature can be measured without touching the skin. During the measurement, both the measuring person and the measured person are wearing masks, so the risk of cross-infection is very low.

4. Can the air purifier filter viruses?

At present, the air purifier commonly used in the market is composed of a fan and a filter device. The fan is to inhale the air in the home, while the filter device is to remove various pollutants by adsorption and then discharge the filtered air. Air purifier is mainly used to remove one or more pollutants from the air, but there is no requirement on the killing rate of viruses or other pathogenic microorganisms in the product standard. So, air purifiers don't necessarily filter out viruses.

It is recommended that under normal circumstances, the family carries on ventilation to the indoor air every day, through natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation, but in the current temperature is lower, window ventilation should pay attention to the risk of cold caused by large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

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