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EU imposes sanctions on Mediterranean oil and gas drilling in Turkey

2019-08-07 15:07 Time of views

EU imposes sanctions on Mediterranean oil and gas drilling in Turkey

The EU Foreign Ministers’ Meeting said in a statement on the 15th that, in view of Turkey’s “continuous and latest illegal drilling activities”, negotiations with the Turkish air transport agreement will be suspended, and the European Investment Bank will be urged to “review” loans to Turkey and reduce 2020 to Turkey. Financial assistance.

The statement warned that if Turkey continues to illegal activities, the EU will adopt more "targeted measures."

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For several months, Turkey and EU member states Cyprus have escalated their dispute over oil and gas resources in the eastern Mediterranean. Cyprus has identified Turkish drilling activities as a violation of the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus. The Turkish side insisted that the activities of the two Turkish drilling vessels were limited to the Turkish continental shelf and related activities were “North The Republic of Cyprus is licensed.

After the EU announced the sanctions, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement identifying the EU as “privately privileged” and vowed that Turkey’s oil and gas drilling in the eastern Mediterranean “will not be affected at all.”

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In July 1974, the Greek officers in the National Guard of Cyprus instigated a military coup in an attempt to advance the Sehi merger movement. Turkey intervened on the grounds of protecting local Turkish residents and controlled a region of about one-third of the island in northern Cyprus. In 1983, the Turks announced the creation of the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” in northern Serbia, but so far only received diplomatic recognition from Turkey. .

Turkey applied to join the predecessor of the European Community in 1987, obtained the candidacy in 1999, and initiated the accession negotiations in 2005, but the negotiation process has been hampered. Turkey took a large-scale clean-up action after the military coup in July 2016, and the EU officially stopped the Turkish accession process. However, the EU still relies on Turkey for security matters and for dealing with illegal immigration.

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