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Use of 3M Trizact belt

2019-07-04 16:34 Time of views

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3M Trizact Abrasives belt is an innovative abrasive material developed using 3M's original microcrystalline replication technology. Its unique structure provides the following effects for your grinding process:

1. A more detailed, uniform and consistent grinding effect;

2. Higher cutting efficiency;

3. Lower grinding temperature;

4. Reduce processing procedures;

Traditional abrasive materials are very sharp at the beginning, but they are easily passivated quickly and cannot maintain the same sharpness and roughness. The three-dimensional structure of the 3M Trizact Abrasives belt material (ie Trizact structure) contains multiple layers of ground ore, once the top of the Trizact is worn. When it falls, the new and sharp ore of the lower layer is replaced and the cutting and roughness are maintained.

It has been experimentally confirmed that the service life of3M Trizact Abrasives belt  material is 2-5 times that of the conventional abrasive material, which allows the user to reduce the grinding process, that is, the material cost is reduced and the production efficiency is improved.

The particle size representation of the 3M Trizact Abrasives belt  material is different from the traditional abrasive material representation, which is defined by the average size of the ore particles, measured in micrometers (um), and preceded by a number "A" to distinguish the general particle size system. The table below compares the Trizact size with the European standard.

Unique Trizact structure, alumina/silicon carbide ore, resin glue, surface with abrasive aid. Mainly used in titanium alloy and stainless steel workpieces, especially suitable for finer-grained fine grinding, which can improve product quality and reduce defect rate: higher cutting efficiency, fine and uniform grinding surface, less heat during grinding and less processing. 3M Trizact Abrasives belt  (305EA) unique Trizact structure, selected ultra-fine alumina ore, resin glue, with grinding aid. Mainly used for workpiece polishing, surface line fine and uniform, stable grinding effect, long life; soft cloth base, will not hurt the shape; less heat during grinding; after the cloth wheel fuel rod polishing, mirror effect can be obtained.

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