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aluminium oxide sand belt

2019-05-29 17:01 Time of views

In the abrasives industry, it is widely used and is a type of abrasive tool that is mainly used in grinding.-aluminium oxide sand belt


Although the main raw material is brown fused alumina, due to the size of the grain, the level of aluminium oxide, the different binders, the shape and the like, the characteristics of the brown fused alumina sand belt produced are also very different, so the application field is also quite large. . However, many people do not understand the aluminium oxide grinding wheel. What are the characteristics of the aluminium oxide sand belt?


1. The aluminium oxide sand belt can be continuously ground for a long time without excessive grinding heat and blockage.

2, Aluminium oxide sand belt can be used for the grinding of various hardness materials, from the surface to the special metal grinding effect is very good.

3, it can provide a large number of cutting and uniform surface grinding effect, can also reduce the grinding time and subtract some processing steps;

4. It can be used for the grinding of materials with high hardness and strength, such as hardened steel, high speed steel and high carbon steel. It can also be used for machining thread, gear and thin wall parts.

5, can be used for internal grinding, outer circle, plane, uncentered and other types of fine grinding and semi-finishing grinding.

Therefore, when choosing a aluminium oxide sand belt, it must be selected according to the performance of the workpiece itself, so that it will play a good role.

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