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analysis of coated abrasives in the furniture industry common problems

2019-06-06 14:33 Time of views

The application of coated abrasives in modern industry is very common, and currently coated products are concentrated in the woodworking market, metal grinding and surface treatment markets, and the automotive industry.

For the traditional woodworking market, the manufacturing problems of today's abrasives manufacturers have been solved, and their product characteristics, quality differences and top brands have gradually narrowed down. In today's product homogenization is relatively serious, product design and selection is particularly important in practical applications.

Furniture substrates generally include fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, solid wood substrates, and knuckle laminates. The grinding products mainly involved in this process are broadband and partial narrowband. Why is the life of the abrasive belt short?


  1. Abrasive type is not suitable

The type of abrasive does not match the sanding material. Some customers think that the object of furniture grinding is the "wood" on the verbal. In fact, this concept is wrong. The above mentioned about five types of furniture substrates on the market. From the perspective of the composition of the sanding material, the sanding tools used for fiberboard/particleboard and wood are distinguished due to the presence of adhesives and fillers. The high hardness, brittleness and fragility of silicon carbide determine its suitability for processing metal and non-metal materials with low tensile strength and high toughness. Therefore, the choice of silicon carbide abrasive products to polish fiberboard and particleboard can give full play to the advantages of abrasives.


2, fine-grained

When the finished board is applied to a specific piece of furniture, the sheet needs to be thickened according to the target thickness of the furniture design. "Thickness" means that there will be a relatively large change in thickness. In theory, the coarser the abrasive, the better the next one can be handled normally. The abrasive tool has fine grain size, small grinding force and small space of chip space, and the two aspects work together to cause the abrasive belt to lose grinding ability.


3, the impact of the strength of the base

The base is used as the foundation and support for the coated abrasives and is also a factor influencing the life. In actual operation, some workers reported that a certain brand of sanding belt sanding "high current", in fact, the "current" here as a monitoring indicator of the belt load. Under other conditions, the thin base belt can not provide sufficient sanding pressure, but in order to achieve the thickness/plate surface effect, the operation of the contact roller can only be reduced by "hard hitting". Satisfying sanding conditions, the damage to the abrasive is very large. The "high current" at the scene has also been accompanied by the risk of broken belts.

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