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A small trick to maintain the belt

2019-07-17 16:58 Time of views

A small trick to maintain the belt

Belt suspension

The belt should be suspended for at least 2-5 days before use, the purpose of which is to eliminate the curl caused by the packaging. Hang the unpacked belt on a 100-200mm diameter pipe or a dedicated belt support. The length of the pipe should be greater than the width of the belt, otherwise the belt will easily fall off or produce a flare; the pipe should be horizontal, otherwise the edge of the belt will be damaged. The suspended belt should have its ambient temperature and humidity in accordance with the storage conditions of the belt. The easiest way is to keep it dry with a few 40W or 64W bulbs in a sealed room.

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Visual inspection

After the suspension, the sanding belt should be checked for proper appearance quality before use. Check whether the belt joint is flat and firm; whether there are any holes, sand groups, sand, rubber spots and wrinkles on the surface of the belt; whether the edges of the belt are neat And if there is a crack, if there is a small crack in the edge, after cutting (cut into a circular arc) does not affect the use.

Since the application and research of abrasive belt grinding is still in its infancy in China, the knowledge about the use of abrasive belts is not much introduced in the domestic literature. As the manufacturer of abrasive belts, we often receive and visit users. I feel that some users are not fully aware of the knowledge of the storage and use of abrasive belts. In order to better serve the users, the belt is in the best condition when it is used, and the advantages of abrasive belt grinding are exerted. Some knowledge about the storage and use of the belt is now introduced to everyone.

1. Storage of abrasive belt

The storage of the abrasive belt is critical for the use of the abrasive belt and has a particularly large effect on the wide abrasive belt. Ideal storage conditions and reasonable storage methods can ensure that the belt is used in the best condition.


2, temperature and humidity requirements

The abrasive belt should not be stored in a place where the temperature and humidity change greatly. The ideal temperature is: 18-220C; the ideal humidity is 40-65%. If the temperature is too high, the binder will age and reduce the service life of the belt. Synthetic fiber matrix belts (such as polyester cloth belts) are sensitive to cold and cannot be stored in cold warehouses.

If the humidity is too high or too low, the belt will be deformed, and the deformation will reduce the bond strength of the belt sand layer. In particular, excessive humidity has a serious impact on the abrasive belt. In addition to water-resistant abrasive belts, the general belts are used after being damp, and they are prone to discounts and wrinkles, which cause the belt machine to be scrapped. In addition, the abrasive material is easily adhered to the surface of the abrasive belt when the wet abrasive belt is ground, reducing the service life of the abrasive belt. The high temperature and low humidity have a great influence on the paper-based abrasive belt, which makes the paper-based abrasive belt brittle, and it is easy to break and scrap when used.

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