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VSM Abrasive Belt Plays an important Role in Surface Treatment Industry

2019-07-26 17:39 Time of views

In recent years, the abrasive belt industry has obtained a series of achievements in our country. VSM abrasive belt grinding is very safe, and easy to control, with good environmental benefit and little noise and dust.

abrasive belt

In addition, it is very light, and won't hurt anyone even if it fractures. The main trends of development of abrasive belt grinding are as follows:

A, The automation, numerical control and automatization of grinding

For a long time, the hardware industry development has been supporting the development of VSM abrasive belt industry to a certain extent in our country. We have combined the CNC and other modern technologies with VSM abrasive belt grinding. With the development of artificial intelligence and sensor technology, intelligent grinding has become an important development direction.

Grinding experiment research requires a lot of manpower and material resources, so the simulation of the grinding process by using computers is also an important direction. At present, the molecular dynamics theory has been introduced into the grinding mechanism for simulation. It can be regarded as a kind of new method for research on grinding mechanism.

B, The precision and ultra precision of grinding

For higher accuracy, surface integrity and strict manufacturing consistency, grinding is always a kind of effective processing method. For example, ceramics, microcrystalline glass and other difficult-to-process materials have to adopt grinding currently. Choosing grinding powder with a few nanometers in grain size for ultra-precision grinding, can obtain excellent surface quality, super precision grinding Ra around 0.012 ~ 0.025 μm, and mirror grinding Ra under 0.012 μm; The ultra-precision composite processing develops quickly, such as fluid polishing and machining, ultrasonic vibration grinding, etc.

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