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Brief introduction about Sanding belt

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What's the sanding belt?

Sanding belt is belongs to coated abrasive. Its basic composition is:base material, abrasive and binder.

2.The advantage of the sanding belt

The sanding belt with light weight, so it is impossible to hurt people, even though it is broken. The sanding belt is not as serious as grinding wheel desanger, especially in dry grinding, the mainly material is processed workpieces, so it is easy to recover and control dust.Abrasives grains on the sanding belt have stronger cutting ability than on the grinding wheel, so their grinding efficiency is very high. And the mainly material is combined with rubber, so the processing noise is very small, usually <70dB. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is very worth to promote.

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Belt grinding can be used to process various shapes of workpiece with high surface quality and precision. Belt grinding can not only process the common surface, inner and outer circular surface of the workpieces, but also can process the surface quality and precision requirement are high large or abnormal parts with high efficiency. For example: large area of the plate polishing processing.

3. The cost of grinding

Abrasive belt grinding is easy to operate with less auxiliary time. Whether manual or motorized belt grinding, the operation is very simple. This can be done in a very short time, from the replacement of the adjustment sand to the clamping of the workpiece being processed.

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