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How to deal with sand belt fracture?

2020-05-09 14:33 Time of views

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In the process of using the sand belt will appear fracture, so how to deal with this problem?

1, The sand belt joint is not strong, cracking, strengthen the quality control in production, to meet the needs of users

2. If the tension of the sand belt is too large, the adjusted tension will not slip under the working load. The smaller the tension, the better

3. When the belt creases or the edge is damaged during transportation or installation, the appearance quality shall be checked before installation, and the correct operation mode shall be followed during installation

4, Work pressure is too big, reduce the pressure

5, Cutting too deep, friction heat accumulation, reduce the cutting depth or feed speed, or use coolant or cooling device

6, The external sundries into the sand belt and roller or plate between, remove sundries, efficient dust extraction is the best preventive measures

7, The sand belt vibration is excessive, choose low hardness contact wheel, check the machine vibration or sand belt quality

8. Contact roller taper; The contact roller or graphite pad is not parallel to the base to remove the taper of the grinding roller; Reinstall, keeping parallel

9. The machine is not running normally, and the sand belt is broken by the trip switch for maintenance equipment (pay special attention to the paper based sand belt).

10. The workpiece thickness difference is too big or part of the overlapping impact sand belt installed for the overlapping plate and over-size part of the protection device

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