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How to select sand belt?

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How to select sand belt_sanding belt for metal_2x42 sanding belts_Gxk51 sanding belt

How to select sand belt

Nomenclature - characteristic - usage - appropriate range.

Single-layer lightweight paper 65-100g/M2. Light, soft, low tensile strength, low cost.Used for fine or medium grinding, suitable for manual or vibration sander.Complex surface workpiece polishing, curved surface wood sanding, metal and wood finish polishing, precision instrument repair and grinding.

Multilayer medium paper 110-130g/M2. Thicker, more flexible, higher tensile strength than light paper.Hand or hand polishing machine for making sheet and roll sandpaper.Metal workpiece rust, polishing, wood furniture sanding, primer putty polishing, paint machine, watchcase, instrument repair and grinding

Multi-layer heavy duty paper 160-230g/M2. Thick, rich flexibility, high tensile strength, small elongation, high toughness.

Manufacturing paper sand belt, machine processing. Suitable for roller sanding machine, broad belt sanding machine and general sanding belt grinder, mainly processing plywood, particleboard, fiber-board, leather and wood.

How to select sand belt_sanding belt for metal_2x42 sanding belts_Gxk51 sanding belt

Abrasive cloth. 

Light cloth (twill). Very soft, light weight, moderate tensile strength. Manual or low load machine. Metal parts grinding and derusting, polishing and polishing, roller sanding machine plate processing, sewing machine frame processing, light load sanding belt.

Medium cloth (coarse twill). Good flexibility, thick, high tensile strength. Machine used for general machine sand belt, and heavy load sand belt, such as furniture, tools, electric iron, sand steel sheet, engine blade type grinding processing. Heavy duty cloth (satin) thick, the zonal strength is higher than the warp strength machine, suitable for heavy load grinding. Used for processing large area boards.

Especially thick, high strength, anti - wrinkle anti - tension anti - breaking. The machine use for heavy load sand belt, especially suitable for flower board, fiberboard, plywood processing and inlaid floor grinding. Steel paper is particularly thick, high strength, small elongation, good heat resistance. The machine mainly used for sand disc, weld, rust, metal cuticle and oxide layer, etc.

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