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SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE USE OF COATED ABRASIVE BELTS_abrasive belt_sanding belt_aluminium oxide abrasive belt _zirconia abrasive belt

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Specific safety recommendations

1. Do not use near flammable materials

2. Abrasive belts can tear. Please take precautions against the risk of breakage of the belt(e.g. protective clothing and devices, safety equipment of machinery).Ensure that people nearby are protected from chips, sparks, debris, fumes, dust or noise.

3. Belt grinding operations may produce high concentrations of dust, gas or mist, which can represent a health hazard as well as a risk of explosion.Prevent long hair, ties, loose clothes or jewellery from getting into contact with the machine and being pulled in. Take precautionary measures.

4. Abrasive machines, which do not have a completely closed guard require that the operator wears the appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g. protective gloves, leather aprons, face shield, dust mask).

5. Check the locking mechanism of the machine cover. Do not remove guards. Any contact with running belts can result in serious injuries.

6. When mounting, observe the direction of run marked on the belt.

7. After mounting a belt, ensure the guards are back in place and properly adjusted. Carry out a trial run by running the belt at full operating speed for at least 30 seconds. Check for

any vibration or unusual sounds and rectify if observed.

8. Make sure that work piece is properly supported and secured so that it cannot move.

9. Start the machine and wait until belt has reached its full operational speed before grinding.

10. Belts should only be used dry unless specified as suitable for wet grinding (please contact the manufacturer if in any doubt).

11. Use the center of the belt, if possible, and grind as plane as possible. Avoid grinding with the edge of the belt and prevent damage to the belt by sharp or sharp-edged work pieces.

12. Do not exert excessive pressure and prevent the belt from overheating.

13. Do not open the guard or put down portable machines until the belt has come to a complete standstill.

14. Check the belts in use periodically for wear, tear or damage (e.g. cracks at edges,fracturing or strong wear and tear in the joint) and replace the belts if necessary.

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