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Sand belt grinding technology flexibility, strong adaptability reflected in

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Sand belt grinding technology flexibility, strong adaptability.This is reflected in:6666

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1) Abrasive belt grinding can be very convenient for grinding plane, inner, outer circle and complex surface.Design a belt grinding head device as a functional part can be installed in the lathe after grinding, can also be installed in the planer for use, and can also be designed into a variety of special grinding machines. This characteristic of belt grinding can be used to easily solve some difficult parts, such as super long, super large shaft and flat parts precision machining.

2) There is a wide selection of sand belt base materials, abrasives and binders, which can meet the needs of various applications. Sand belt size, length and width of a variety of specifications, and roll, ring and other forms available. For the same kind of workpiece, belt grinding can be processed by different grinding methods and technological structures.

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