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Characteristics of non-woven belt and its application in workpieces

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Characteristics of non-woven belt and its application in workpieces

With the integration with the international market, abrasive products are indispensable in the era of robot manufacturing, non-woven abrasive belts are used to clean and remove burrs, oxides, paints and impurities. Suitable for grinding cast iron, non-alloy steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, chrome and chrome-nickel steel as well as nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys or aluminum alloys.

Non-woven belt products use workpieces or markets with case, strap decorative pattern treatment, stainless steel doors and windows, metal equipment, kitchen surface treatment, architectural hardware, golf clubs, clubs, stainless steel pipes, etc., brass processing.

Henan Sanders Abrasives Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of sandpaper deep processing and sanding belt supplier. Raw materials of our sanding belt are from VSM, Deerfos, Sunmight etc, which can guarantee the consistent polishing performance. By using German glue, American tape and the advanced machine like skiving, slitting and press machine, our sanding belt joint is very strong and service life is long, which can save processing cost and time for clients. 

Non-woven Abrasive Belt

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Features of non-woven abrasive belt products: good elasticity and wear resistance, cold cutting and anti-blocking of workpieces, excellent surface surface effect, solvent-free formulation, improved safety performance and environmental protection.

Non-woven abrasive belts provide high-quality decorative treatments, are efficient and easy to operate, and have a good decorative texture consistency. After the surface of the workpiece is processed, the surface will leave many messy scratches and burrs, which seriously affect the quality of the work. The non-woven belt can save time and effort to solve the above problems, providing you with high-quality surface treatment with consistent and burr-free.

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