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​Compact abrasive belt grinding advantages

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Compact abrasive belt grinding advantages

Compact abrasive belt is a special form grinding tool. It is tensioned by means of a machine, the driving wheel moves at high speed, and under a certain pressure, the compact abrasive belt grinding workpiece surface to achieve the grinding process.

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Compact abrasive belt—the stacked effect of micro abrasives, the grinding performance mainly reflected in the follows:

1). compact Belt grinding is elastic grinding:

Because the base material and adhesive both have some elasticity, usually, elastic rubber is used as the contact wheel.

2). Compact abrasive belt are not easy to block:

There is a large enough gap between the abrasive grains of the compact abrasive belt, and shedding abrasive can be taken away at any time, and it is rarely left on the belt surface to cause blockage without increasing friction and heat, and the grinding area temperature is low.

3). Good heat dissipation of compact abrasive belt:

The perimeter of the abrasive belt allows the abrasive belt to have a good heat dissipation area during grinding, and shedding abrasives can be shaken out naturally through the suspended part of the abrasive belt, then reducing abrasive blocked phenomenon. As a result, grinding heat is reduced, so the belt with low grinding temperature.

4). The self-sharpness of compact abrasive belt is good:

Because the compact abrasive belt are bonded together by lots of the same size abrasives  , formed a large abrasives suitable for the needs . During the grinding process, the dull abrasive continuously falls off under the effect of centrifugal force, thereby exposing new abrasives. so that it can work stably.

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