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Methods to improve service life of abrasive belt

2020-03-04 16:16 Time of views

Methods to improve service life of abrasive belt_zirconia abrasive belt_flap disc factory_flap wheel manufacturer_sand belt supplier

Methods to improve service life of abrasive belt :

1) Reduce the initial wear of the belt. The initial wear amount of the sand belt is caused by the falling off or breaking of the abrasive particles. To reduce the initial wear, the new sand belt is pre-grinded for a certain time by reducing the contact pressure, and then it is normally operated. This method is also called dressing, but it is different from dressing of the grinding wheel.

2) Use a grinding aid or grinding fluid to reduce the wear rate at the stable grinding stage.

The main purpose of using grinding additives or grinding fluid is to reduce the friction between the abrasive particles and the workpiece, which is the root cause of wear, reduce the grinding heat, thus achieving the effect of reducing the wear rate.

3) Increase the girth of the sand belt to reduce the use rate of the belt. The service life of sand belt can be increased by decreasing the rate of sand belt. When the conditions of machine tools permit, increase the sand belt circumference appropriately, so that the sand belt can get better cooling and increase the total number of grinding particles.

4) Increase the speed of sand belt properly. Properly increasing the velocity of the sand belt can not only reduce the surface roughness, but also reduce the crushing wear and prolong the service life.

Methods to improve service life of abrasive belt_zirconia abrasive belt_flap disc factory_flap wheel manufacturer_sand belt supplier

5) Gradually increase the grinding pressure. After the abrasive belt enters the normal cutting stage, gradually increasing the grinding pressure of the abrasive belt can strengthen the grinding process, increase the ratio of grinding grains to cutting edges, so that the grinding grains are broken, and a new cutting edge can restore the cutting ability, that is, self-sharpening, thus achieving the purpose of extending the service life of the belt.

6) Improve the cutting performance of the belt. The abrasive with good toughness has strong crushing resistance, which can prolong the service life. The cutting performance of the sand belt is better than that of the sand belt. Reducing the thickness and density of binder in plant sand can increase the chip space of sand belt, improve the strength of binder, and make the bond more reliable. These measures can improve the grinding performance of sand belt and prolong the service life of sand belt.

These measures are mainly aimed at reducing abrasive belt grinding blunt (abrasion and broken) and the main form, and for sticky lid and out of these two forms, will be to the organization of the abrasive belt to hardness and abrasive belt structure parameters, such as sand plant density control and choice to solve, at the same time can also by abrasive belt surface coated with a layer of special coating, the previously mentioned super coating to solve the problem of abrasive belt viscose cover wear or use grinding fluid.

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