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No joint belt, joint belt and open belt

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No joint belt, joint belt and open belt

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The non-joint belt is made of specially made cylinder cloth as the base material, after stretching, calendering and impregnating the original cloth on a special equipment, and then made by gluing, sand planting and drying. Joint - free belt is also an early product of belt, is no longer produced.

The joint belt is formed by cutting, grinding, bonding and slicing of the raw sand belt according to different sizes. Unlimited joint circumference of abrasive belt, very convenient, especially the way of joint, joint and the joint process equipment has made the development of abrasive belt joint, both in thickness, strength, soft music and even in such aspects as the joint part of the overall consistency has reached a quite high level, is the main form of abrasive belt.

Open belt is another kind of belt, which is a small rolled belt formed by dividing the raw material of the rolled belt into strips according to the size requirements. Open belt is easy to make. It is also very convenient to use, and is often used in fine grain precision machining, such as automotive engine camshaft, crankshaft, precision cylindrical parts and other polishing. It is characterized by high workpiece movement speed, slow belt speed, long service cycle, and there are always new abrasives in the grinding area, so the consistency of grinding surface quality is very good.

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