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Knowledge of sand belt use

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Knowledge of sand belt use_aluminia sand disc_sanding disc for wood_abrasive belt manufacturer

Knowledge of sand belt use

Sanding belt process has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good surface quality and low production cost, and is widely used in furniture production. The surface quality of furniture products is closely related to sanding process. Sanding belt is the main tool of sanding process, how to choose the appropriate sanding belt, extend the service life of sanding belt, and further improve the sanding finish and flatness is a common problem in sanding belt use. With the progress of science and technology, the belt base, the type of abrasive, the production process of abrasive belt, the binder of abrasive materials are constantly improving.

Q: how to choose the right belt?

A: abrasive belt is a strip tool used for grinding and polishing, which is bonded by abrasive to flexible materials such as paper and cloth. Sand belt is composed of substrate, abrasive and binder.

Knowledge of sand belt use_aluminia sand disc_sanding disc for wood_abrasive belt manufacturer

Furniture production use arenaceous belt to be divided into cloth base and paper base 2 kinds, paper base is the belt base that makes arenaceous belt by the high strength paper that passes special treatment, the arenaceous belt of paper base compares the arenaceous belt of cloth qualitative belt base lower 1/3-2/3.The paper base is relatively hard, can grind the surface of high finish, in fine grinding and super fine grinding are used in the paper base sand belt. Cloth than the paper sand belt base strength is high, the sensitivity to temperature and humidity is lower than the paper belt base, will not lose stability due to the temperature, humidity increase, cloth sand belt durability is much higher than the quality of the sand belt.

The commonly used abrasive in furniture production is alumina, silicon carbide, aluminum zirconia, garnet, manual sandpaper use glass sand as abrasive.

The size of abrasive has a great influence on the productivity of abrasive and the roughness of the machined surface. Generally speaking, coarse grinding, large plasticity, large grinding area, in order to avoid chip, workpiece soft choose coarse granularity; Fine grinding, the workpiece is harder to choose fine particle size.

The abrasive is bonded to the tape base by a binder. Binder should have strength, elasticity, heat resistance, water resistance, etc. At present, the commonly used binders are animal glue and synthetic resin. Animal glue is not water resistant, synthetic resin has good water resistance.The water-resistant sand belt adopts the water-resistant synthetic resin as the base adhesive and the compound adhesive for strict water-resistant treatment.

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